The Plaspave and Plaskerb concrete block paving range has been complimented with the introduction of a system of RADIAL PLASKERB BLOCKS. With a range of sizes and profiles, superior detailing is now possible without cutting on site.
They are available in two sizes, large and small, and have two different profiles on each block. They can be laid one way with a half batter or the other way with a bullnose edge and are designed to complement the existing range of Plaskerbs and Accessories.

Available in four colours, Red, Buff, Brindle and Charcoal, they can be used on their own or combined with standard Plaskerbs to create the finishing touches to any driveway or patio area.  


By using radial blocks on their own or by mixing with standard Plaskerb blocks, various sizes can be created. As the blocks have two profiles you also have the choice of a half batter, chamfer or bullnose finish. Either way, these Radial Blocks are ideal for creating the perfect step edging or circular

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