Hollow or cellular blockwork is an established solution to the stringent challenges of the 20kg single lift requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. In response to these demands Plasmor has introduced the MULTICORE block which also satisfies acoustic regulations with a sound reduction of 50dB.

MULTICORE is available as a general purpose cellular 140mm STRANLITE Lightweight aggregate block or PLASCON or PLASCON CLOSE TEXTURE dense aggregate block. For bespoke facing masonry applications MULTICORE is available in the ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY range in TEXTURED, SHOTBLASTED or VERTIBLOCK finishes.

MULTICORE is produced in STANDARD FACE which readily accepts plaster, render and dry-lining, in PAINT GRADE or CLOSE TEXTURE finish which accepts direct painting or on ONE or TWO FACE MASONRY finishes. Weighing less than 20kg in 140mm format, MULTICORE is portable around sites, easy to pick up and fast and efficient to lay with no mortar loss by virtue of the closed top.


Infill in framed structures

Providing improved insulation as the inner leaf to external cavity walls

Outer leaves of cavity walls when rendered

Single leaf walls especially in Architectural Masonry with one or two sides Textured or Shotblasted

In schools and colleges as single skin Architectural Masonry with high (50db) sound reduction

Below dpc internally or externally

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