Thermal Modelling

All new housing construction requires compliance with Building Regulations and SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure). Within the SAP calculation exist default figures as supplied in the Accredited Construction Details which relate to heat losses from junctions in the dwelling.

It is possible to calculate bespoke thermal models for certain junctions which lower the Psi value thus lowering the heat loss from a junction, improving the Carbon and Energy efficiency within the dwelling and demonstrating fuel bill savings for the householder.

In support of our extensive team of SAP assessors, Plasmor Technical Services have a fully qualified (Stroma Accredited) Thermal Modeller. This gives us the capability to demonstrate two and three dimensional thermally modelled function heat loss in accordance with BR 497 using the Heat 2 and Heat 3 software. Bespoke calculations to this standard allow an easier passage to compliance with Building Regulations and SAP, where certain modelled junctions can be upwards of 90% better than the Accredited Construction Details. When embedded in Plasmor SAP calculations this suite of bespoke junction values for the Aglite Ultima and Fibolite range of blocks affords Architects and Developers the facility to amend original construction and materials specifications and make valuable savings on the overall project build cost.