The STRANLITE FOUNDATION BLOCK is a lightweight aggregate loadbearing block suitable for use below dpc. FOUNDATION BLOCKS are manufactured from selected aggregates including graded Furnace Bottom Ash and Pulverised Fuel Ash.

STRANLITE FOUNDATION BLOCK provides an efficient simple and cost effective method of foundation construction below dpc where faster building rates can be achieved with reduced labour and mortar costs compared with traditional foundation construction.

STRANLITE FOUNDATION BLOCK have a single unit weight of well below 20kg and comply with The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations for single unit repetitive


Below DPC


  • Dry Density

    1400 Kg/m³

  • Strength


    10.4N/mm² to special order


300mm x 275mm x 140mm

300mm x 250mm x 140mm

300mm x 275mm x 140mm 72 blocks

300mm x 250mm x 140mm 72 blocks*

*Pack sizes may vary between divisions


Number of Stranlite Foundation Blocks per m²

300mm x 250mm x 140mm

Laid 300mm wide 25.6

Laid 250mm wide 21.5

300mm x 275mm x 140mm

Laid 300mm wide 23.4

Laid 275mm wide 21.5

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