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Plascon Close Texture

Dense Aggregate Blocks - Available at Halton Works (North West) and Sabey Kirkby Ltd in Newton Aycliffe (North East).

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Plascon Close Texture

Building Type Commercial
Block Weight Dense Aggregate

FIBOLITE is an ultra lightweight load bearing block manufactured from Plasmor's own man-made expanded clay.

Fire Resistant
Good Sound Insulation
Readily Accepts Direct Painting
Quality Assured
Low Shrinkage
Excellent Fixability
Product Features

The high density of PLASCON CLOSE TEXTURE provides high levels of durability and robustness loadbearing capacity and fixability. Sound insulation properties of PLASCON CLOSE TEXTURE particularly in the 140mm Multicore format are impressive. Multicore blocks to comply to 140mm comply with the 20kg single lift requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.


PLASCON CLOSE TEXTURE is manufactured from crushed limestone aggregate recycled aggregates and pulverized fuel ash to provide a tight texture. PLASCON CLOSE TEXTURE is widely used in Industrial Commercial and Public Sector Applications.

  • External Walls – outer and inner leaf
  • Internal loadbearing walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Reinforced walls
  • Party walls
  • Flanking walls
  • Column encasement
Properties & Performances
  • Dry Density
    1900 Kg/m³
  • Strength
    Solid: 100mm  -  7.3N/mm² and 10.4N/mm², 140mm  -  7.3N/mm² and 10.4N/mm², Hollow: 140mm  -  7.3N/mm², 215mm  -  7.3N/mm²
  • Thermal Value
    K = 1.13W/m²K
  • Metric Sizes & Types
    440mm x width x 215mm work size, 450mm x width x 225mm co-ordinating size
  • Solid
    100mm, 140mm 
  • Hollow
    140mm, 215mm
Pack Information
  • Metric Pack Sizes: Northern Division Only
    Solid: 100mm  -  7.2m², 100mm  -  7.2m², Hollow: 140mm  -  6.4m², 215mm  -  4.0m²
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