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Plaspave Terms & Conditions

Summary of Terms and Conditions

Plaspaver Club members who purchase full packs of the products listed below during the period 1st January to the 31st December 2024 will be awarded pounds value based upon the quantities of products purchased as evidenced by Plasmor delivery tickets, Builders Merchants delivery tickets and suppliers invoices.


£10 Value

  • Sorrento £10 value
  • Modena 60 £10 value
  • Modena 50 £10 value
  • Positano 60 £10 value
  • Positano 50 £10 value
  • Sorrento Permi.8 £10 value
  • Modena Permi.8 £10 value
  • Amalfi £10 value
  • Amalfi Permi.8 £10 value

£8 to £5 Value

  • Toffoli £8 value
  • Como £7 value
  • Plaspave Sixty Permi.8 £5 value
  • Plasline Permi.8 £5 value
Istock 517873870 S
Family 1 (1)

£3 Value

  • Ginestro Quad £3 value
  • Ginestro Tini £3 value
  • Premia 60 £3 value
  • Plaspave 50 £3 value
  • Plaspave Sixty £3 value
  • Plaspave 80 £3 value

£2 and £1 Value

  • Plasline £2 value
  • Plaskerb £1 value
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Claim periods for 2023

At the end of each claim period, members have the option of sending in a claim for cash in the form of a cheque, BACS, Love2Shop Vouchers, Love2Shop Holiday Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card or a VEX Gift Certificate or you can roll them over to the next claim period. Alternatively, members can make one big claim at the end of the promotion.  Only cash or one type of voucher can be claimed at any one time (not some of each).


Claim Periods for 2024 are as follows:

  • Period 1 - Claims Period: January - May 2024. Cut off for claims: 16th June 2024
  • Period 2 - Claims Period: June - September 2024. Cut off for claims: 12th October 2024
  • Period 3 - Claims Period: October - December 2024. Cut off for claims: 5th January 2025


*Claim at period 2 if you wish to receive a portion of your claim before Christmas.


Completed claim forms and supporting documentation should be sent to arrive at your designated Plasmor sales office before the cut off date for each period.  Claims outside these periods are not permitted.  Late arrival of claims for either of the first two periods will revert to the next claim period.  Final claims at the end of the promotion must be received by the 5th January 2025 otherwise they will be null and void.


Plasmor accept no responsibility for the non-receipt of claims.


Claimants should ensure that all claims are despatched complete and should allow time for verification and processing the claim.  Claimed cheques or vouchers will be dispatched as quickly as possible after the receipt of your claim. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS UNLIKELY TO BE BEFORE THE 10TH WORKING DAY OF THE MONTH FOLLOWING THE CUT OFF DATE.


May we respectfully remind you that all liability for declaring this benefit to His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs rests with the Claimant.