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Modena 60

Muted, modern and majestic for subtle sophistication

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Product Listing 1000X1000 43D A MODENA 60 Granite Stone 2 Granite Stone
Product Gallery 1000X832 43D A MODENA 60 60MDGS Granite Stone 3 1 Granite Stone
Product Listing 1000X1000 43D B MODENA 60 Peakstone 2 Peakstone
Product Gallery 1000X832 43D B MODENA 60 Peakstone 3 Peakstone
Product Listing 1000X1000 43D D MODENA 60 Rustic Gold 2 Rustic Gold
1000X832 18 MODENA 60 RUSTIC GOLD 60MDRGPER 02 Rustic Gold
Product Listing 1000X1000 43D D MODENA 60 Sarsen Stone 2 Sarsen Stone
1000X832 Modena Sarsen Stone Sarsen Stone

Modena 60

Plaspave Type Plaspave Contemporary Setts

The larger elemental size that allows faster laying - and the mini-chamfered edges of the 60mm deep blocks that ensure smoother-running surfaces make Modena 60 a modern, functional solution, while the marbling effects possible, with any of the four colours available, ensure that aesthetically this product remains a style classic.


For a contemporary take on traditional hard landscaping MODENA 60 brings sharp clean lines to any outdoor area enabling precise geometry in patterning and providing a smooth surface that is gentle on your vehicle’s tyres.


The larger elemental size that allows faster laying makes MODENA 60 a modern functional solution while the colourful marble brindle effect ensures that aesthetically MODENA 60 remains a style classic and its mini-chamfered surface make this paving the ideal choice for play areas and driveways alike. Available in three standard colours with Rustic Gold as a special order product.




Modena Permi.8

  • Large: 240mm x 160mm x 60mm
  • Medium: 200mm x 160mm x 60mm
  • Small: 160mm x 160mm x 60mm
Pack Information
  • Large
    80 units
  • Medium
    80 units
  • Small
    80 units
  • Pack coverage
  • Pack weight
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