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Stranlite Paint Grade

Lightweight Aggregate Blocks

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Stranlite Paint Grade

Building Type Commercial
Block Weight Lightweight

STRANLITE PAINT GRADE is a range of lightweight aggregate load bearing blocks suitable for locations where a close textured face is required for direct painting to give an attractive smooth and low maintenance finish. Manufactured from specially selected and prepared lightweight aggregates.

High Thermal Efficiency
Fire Resistant
Good Sound Insulation
Readily Accepts Direct Painting
Low Shrinkage
Easily Cut & Chased
Excellent Fixability
Product Features

STRANLITE PAINT GRADE are grey in colour, plain ended, finely textured and each block provides one working paint grade face and end.


STRANLITE PAINT GRADE is widely specified for use in industrial, commercial and public sector building applications.


  • External Walls – outer and inner leaf
  • Internal loadbearing walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Party/Flanking walls
  • Semi exposed walls
Properties & Performance
  • Dry Density
    7.3N - 1400 Kg/m³, 10.4N - 1450 Kg/m³
  • Strength
    100mm - 7.3N/mm² and 10.4N/mm², 140mm - 7.3N/mm² and 10.4N/mm², 190mm - 7.3N/mm²
  • Thermal Value
    7.3N - K = 0.41W/m²K, 10.4N - K = 0.43W/m²K
  • Metric Sizes & Types
    440mm x width x 215mm work size, 450mm x width x 225mm co-ordinating size
  • Solid
    100mm, 140mm, 190mm
Pack Information
  • Metric Pack Sizes
    100mm - 9.6m², 140mm - 6.4m², 190mm - 4.8m²
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