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Fabulous flexibility offering the artistic licence to express yourself.

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Product Listing 1000X1000 37D B COMO Granite Stone 2 Granite Stone
Product Gallery 1000X832 37D B COMO Granite Stone 4 Granite Stone
Product Listing 1000X1000 37D C COMO Rustic Gold 2 Rustic Gold
Product Gallery 1000X832 37D C COMO Rustic Gold 4 Rustic Gold
Product Listing 1000X1000 37D D COMO Traditional Brindle 2 Traditional Brindle
Product Gallery 1000X832 37D D COMO Traditional Brindle 1 Traditional Brindle
Product Listing 1000X1000 37D A COMO Buff 2 Buff
Product Gallery 1000X832 37D A COMO Buff 5 (1) Buff


Plaspave Type Plaspave Cobblestones

Como Cobble Setts let you release your inner artist. Produced specifically as small-sized setts, Como is the perfect Plaspave product for expressing more complex design ideas.


COMO Cobble Setts have a warm aged appearance that is ideal for creating individually styled drives pathways and patios. With three sizes in every pack COMO are flexible enough to be combined with other Plaspave paving blocks and hard landscaping materials when the aim is to achieve intricate innovative and imaginative shapes and patterns.


Choose COMO for creating novel detailing edging contrasts or for laying as a circle feature. Using just one full pack you can construct two different circle patterns or why not use contrasting colours to design an outstanding feature in any large area of paving. Available in three standard colourways and Traditional Brindle now available as a special order product for that extra touch of individuality.

  • Large: 130mm x 80mm x 60mm
  • Medium: 100mm x 80mm x 60mm
  • Small: 80mm x 80mm x 60mm
Pack Information
  • Pack coverage
  • Pack coverage
    96 linear metres
  • Pack weight
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