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Ginestro Quad Tini

One winning combination

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Product Listing Quad N Tini Granite Stone
Product Gallery 1000X832 39D B GINESTRO QUAD Granite Stone 1 Granite Stone
Product Listing Quad N Tini Nid Niddstone
Product Gallery 1000X832 41D C GINESTRO QUAD N TINI Niddstone 2 Niddstone
Product Listing Quad N Tini Peak] Peakstone
Product Gallery 1000X832 41D D Ginestro Quad N Tini Peakstone 1 1 Peakstone
Product Listing 1000X1000 41D A GINESTRO QUAD N TINI Burnt Umber 2 Burnt Umber
Burnt Umber Burnt Umber

Ginestro Quad Tini

Plaspave Type Plaspave Weathered Setts

The entrancing colourways, compact size and lightness of Ginestro Tini make it the perfect choice for smaller areas of hard landscaping - and it also creates exceptional edging when laid with Ginestro Quad around patios and drives. Its distinctive tumbled texture and subtle colourways deliver outstanding aesthetics to any property.


When laid together the smaller element size of Ginestro Quad'n'Tini Setts opens up new opportunities for creative patterning. With an impressive range of subtle weathered shades Ginestro Quad'n'Tini offers new possibilities to design unusual driveways patios and pathways.


Ginestro Quad'n'Tini is also perfect for combining with other products from the Plaspave range especially COMO to create striking visual motifs that allow you to personalise your home and garden with flair and charm.

  • Ginestro Quad  164mm x 164mm x 50mm
  • Ginestro Tini  164mm x 123mm x 50mm
Pack Information Ginestro Quad
  • Pack contents
    400 units
  • Pack coverage
  • Pack weight
Pack Information Ginestro Tini
  • Pack contents
    480 units
  • Pack coverage
  • Pack weight
Product Inner Banner 2000X997 41D C GINESTRO QUAD N TINI Niddstone 1


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